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The Unforgiven was a band before it was a movie

The Unforgiven were a band that dressed like cowboys in a Clint Eastwood movie, but were actually a melodic rock band from the Southern Cal area.

In 1984, they became the subject of one of the biggest bidding wars of the '80s and were signed to a big bonus with Elektra. In 1986, they released I Hear the Call that while gained airplay on MTV, did not chart the band.

The story the band tells is that they sent Clint Eastwood a prerelease copy of their debut album in hopes that Eastwood would direct the video for I Hear the Call. He declined and the band felt that he eventually took their band name and album graphics as the title for Eastwood's classic 1992 movie The Unforgiven. Chalk it up to another showbiz case of "easy to say but impossible to prove".

The Unforgiven's band life was short-lived and they broke up in 1988, but they did reunite in 2010 for a reunion concert.