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The weird, mystical tale behind the band (and name) Spear of Destiny

Published Aug. 4, 2017

Everybody who follows the Stuck in the '80s blog knows about our fearless leader Spearsy. While his mama named him Stephen Spears, variations of his name has taken on a life of its own with "The Spears Lair" and "Bolgona Boats at Spearsyland." Today, we tie back the Spears name with a Lost and Found video for the cooly named band - Spear of Destiny - and their biggest hit Never Take Me Alive.

The origins of the phrase Spear Of Destiny go back to the early days of the church as it was one of names given to the spear that pierced the side of Jesus during His crucifixion. Things got weird in 1972 when a writer by the name of Trevor Ravenscroft argued in his book The Spear Of Destiny that WWII was started by Adolf Hitler's quest to possess the actual Spear Of Destiny that possessed mysterious powers. Ravenscroft also claimed that at the end of WWII, the Spear Of Destiny actually ended up in the hands of U.S. General George Patton. The legend goes if you lost possession of the Spear Of Destiny, your life would end. Hitler died on April 30, 1945 and Patton died in a truck accident the same year in December of 1945.

Conspiracy theories aside, Spear Of Destiny was a English band that released five albums in the '80s and landed their biggest hit in 1987 with the anthemic Never Take Me Alive, which peaked at No. 14 on the U.K. Charts. The video for Never Take Me Alive is a stylish black and white affair that jumps back and forth from the spacious desert to snow-covered fields. Featured in the video is singer Kirk Brandon, who had a run of bad luck as he was sidelined for a year just after Never Take Me Alive was a hit with Reiter's Syndrome (infection causing arthritis) just as they were opening up for U2 on The Joshua Tree Tour.

In the '90s, Brandon was embroiled in a legal battle with Boy George as Brandon disagreed with Boy George's public version of an affair they had together in the early '80s that Brandon said damaged his singing career. He lost his case in court.

Spear of Destiny still is around with their 13th and latest studio album being released in 2014.


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