Food and drinks to make for your ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ movie night

Marvel Studios\u2019 AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR..L to R: Okoye (Danai Gurira), Black Panther/T\u2019Challa (Chadwick Boseman), Captain America/Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff (Scarlet Johansson) and Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan)..Photo: Chuck Zlotnick..©Marvel Studios 2018
By Emily Young, Times Correspondent
Wednesday 15 August 2018 11.00

When summer hits, so do the superheroes.

Almost every year, Marvel provides an escape from the heat with films centering on one (or all) of the Avengers, an unlikely team of superhero allies. In honor of the most recent movie, Avengers: Infinity War, coming out on DVD and Blu-ray this week, we decided to imagine what it would be like if you could invite those heroes to a summer party.

If you can get your hands on an Infinity Stone, the gang is guaranteed to show up. Still, there are other, less lethal ways to invite a host of superheroes for a hangout. These recipes might just do the trick. (Theyd also work really well at a superhero-themed birthday party.) Prepare these super foods, put on the movie and expect the Avengers to assemble in your kitchen.

Just make sure your house is Hulk-proof.


If you want to attract the God of Thunder and who doesnt? youve got to provide plenty of ale. Ideally, follow Dr. Stranges example and hand Thor a stein that automatically refills with beer. (I wouldnt mind having one of those myself.)

Those of us who havent yet mastered the mystic art of eternal ale can try this recipe for beer cheese. Made with nut brown ale, cheddar cheese and Worcestershire sauce, the dip could earn its place at a fancy banquet in Valhalla. As soon as Thor tastes the beer-infused treat, he may smash his dish on the floor and demand, "Another!" in true Asgardian style.



Turn on some Fleetwood Mac and get ready to host the zaniest superheroes in the galaxy including a sentient baby tree and a sarcastic raccoon. (If youre concerned about what to feed the baby tree, dont worry. Groot has been known to munch on everything from his own leaves to an intergalactic bug. Whatever you make is bound to please him.)

The Guardians adore a root vegetable called Yaro, with a greenish-yellow skin and sprouting purple fibers. You can ask them to bring you some, but Star-Lord will probably forget. In lieu of Yaro, introduce the gang to eggplant, which is probably the closest thing Earth has to a colorful space veggie. This recipe blends roasted eggplant with caramelized onions and Greek yogurt into a savory, creamy dip. After tasting it, Star-Lord might just slow-dance you to Brandy (Youre a Fine Girl).



For someone who slept through 70 years of history, Captain America has adjusted to modern life remarkably well. But he must still get homesick for his past. Give him a taste of home with this One-Egg Victory Cake, which Americans baked to conserve rations during World War II. One vanilla-infused bite will transport Steve Rogers back to his life in the 1940s long before he ever had to worry about evil aliens, Infinity Stones or Iron Man.


Dont let Tony Starks sleek suits fool you: Iron Man is a big fan of junk food. Hes been spotted perching on top of a gigantic doughnut sign while eating a box of the pastries. And his true love sorry Pepper Potts is cheeseburgers. Much to Potts dismay, Iron Man once chose to visit a burger joint instead of a hospital, clearly believing that the cheesy, all-American staple would restore him. Thats how much he loves them. To delight Iron Man, simply serve him this plate of sliders, seasoned with Dijon and topped with Gruyere. He might just make you your own suit. Bonus points: If he wont make you a suit, at least ask him to engineer you that jug of refilling ale.


When King TChalla shows up at your party, try to convince him to bring his technologically gifted sister Shuri, arguably one of the coolest in the Marvel universe. Unlike Star-Lord, wholl be flabbergasted by the wonders of Spotify, Shuri will be unimpressed by our mediocre tech. Thats why youll have to wow her with this lavender cocktail, inspired by the purple heart-shaped herb that gives Black Panther his powers. You can make it even more authentic by garnishing it with an edible flower. Who knows? Maybe itll earn you an invite to Wakanda.



With his mild-mannered demeanor, Bruce Banner is an ideal party guest. The Hulk? Not so much, unless you enjoy having your home smashed. Still, if youd like to lure the Big Green Guy, try offering some of this green guacamole. After a taste of the chartreuse dip, the transformed Hulk might give you a hand lugging in extra ice. Or he might throw your blender onto the floor and stomp on it. Embrace the unexpected.


Underneath his wise-cracking exterior, Peter Parker is a sweet kid whos awestruck by the Avengers. Help him celebrate his own powers with these chocolate cupcakes, adorned with spiderweb icing. Theyre delicious enough to belong in a NYC bakery which will make the Queens-hailing teenager feel at home. Dont be surprised if Peter vlogs about them.