Cook Hack: Use rubber bands on your rolling pin for even dough

Published Jun. 1, 2015

Rolling out dough evenly: This trick works for any kind of dough: pie, cookie, pizza. But this time of year, I only have one thing on my mind: fruit pies. Specifically, seasonal peaches or cherries tucked into a buttery crust and served with some cold ice cream. To get an even thickness of your dough, which ensures that it cooks evenly, place rubber bands on a rolling pin. This elevates the pin a tiny bit off the counter so, as you roll, it smooshes the dough to that exact height. Wrap the ends of the rolling pin with a couple of rubber bands, at least three per side; it helps if the bands are thick. Proceed to roll out your dough. And don't forget the ice cream.

Michelle Stark, Times food editor