#CookClub recipe No. 39: Andouille Shrimp and Grits

There are many ways to make shrimp and grits, but this version would likely raise some eyebrows in South Carolina’s Low Country.
There are many ways to make shrimp and grits, but this version would likely raise some eyebrows in South Carolina’s Low Country.
Published April 7, 2015

There are many variations on shrimp and grits, a classic South Carolina Low Country favorite.

I am sure none of them include goat cheese.

#CookClub recipe No. 39 is a variation on them that does, indeed, include goat cheese. I've actually pared back the amount as I tinkered with Andouille Shrimp and Grits from Breakfast for Dinner by Lindsay Landis and Taylor Hackbarth (Quirk, 2013). And I added some white cheddar to the grits.

Shrimp has a fairly delicate taste, and, while I love goat cheese, a little goes a long way. On my first test, that's about all I could taste. When I make shrimp and grits, I buy the freshest shrimp I can. Masking that flavor seems foolish to me.

The other departure here is the addition of cubed butternut squash. What? Yes, and I am sure that's as far as you can get from authenticity as possible. However, the addition is genius. The squash adds sweetness and another texture. I bought prepeeled, precut squash in my produce department — also genius, especially if you're in a hurry.

I have a variety of grits in my pantry: instant, old-fashioned and stone-ground. The instant cooked the fastest, followed by old-fashioned and then stone-ground. I used old-fashioned for this recipe. They are chewy enough without needing 60 minutes of cooking time.

I like this variation on the theme and will be curious to see what you think, as well as how you put your own spin on it.

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