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Signature Dish: Butternut Squash Lasagna With Beef

Dave Rohde, founder and CEO of Paleo on the Go, worked with chef Karen Rylander on the dish.
Published May 12, 2014

WHO: Dave Rohde, 32, of Holiday, founder and CEO of Paleo on the Go, and Karen Rylander, 36, of Dunedin, chef and nutrition consultant at Paleo on the Go

WHAT: Butternut Squash Lasagna With Beef

ABOUT THE RECIPE: "The Paleo diet is giving your body the nutrition it needs to heal itself and helping your body detox," Rohde said. He would know. Suffering from life-threatening food allergies and an autoimmune disease, he decided to try the diet. He improved so much that he founded Paleo on the Go, a company that makes Paleo-friendly meals and ships them around the country. "I wanted to help other people who were suffering," he said.

Their bestseller is their butternut squash lasagna. Because the Paleo diet cuts out dairy products, the lasagna is cheese-free. Rylander blends cashews with fresh basil and sea salt until they reach the consistency of ricotta. She slices butternut squash into lasagna-shaped noodles, then layers them with the "cashew-ricotta" and a meat sauce made from grass-fed ground beef. With the creamy cashew filling, people always say, "I can't believe there's no cheese in this!"

While Rylander says she loves the hearty flavors, Rohde says he appreciates how practical the lasagna is. "I like that if I'm really busy it's (already) got the vegetables in it so I can heat up one thing and it can be a complete meal," he added.

TIPS: "The cashew-ricotta is so easy," Rylander said. You soak the cashews overnight to make them tender, then puree them in a food processor with fresh basil and sea salt and blend until they reach the consistency of ricotta cheese.

ON THE SIDE: "I love to eat it with a fresh green salad: some arugula, spinach and romaine," Rylander said. "My favorite dressing is fresh lemon juice and olive oil with a little bit of sea salt."

FAVORITE THING TO COOK WITH: "I absolutely love my immersion blender," Rylander said. Also known as a stick blender, it's a narrow blender she uses for pureeing.

Emily Young, Times correspondent

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