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Try Green Bench Brewery's Colliding Galaxies Sour IPA batch before it's gone

Drink of the Week feature on Green Bench Colliding Galaxies Sour IPA.
Drink of the Week feature on Green Bench Colliding Galaxies Sour IPA.
Published Aug. 17, 2015

One of the most unique local beers is Green Bench Brewing's Surrealist sour IPA. And right now the St. Petersburg brewery has a spinoff beer that's not quite like anything else on the Tampa Bay market.

Last year, Green Bench teamed up with Point Ybel Brewing from Fort Myers to create Colliding Galaxies, a one-off collaboration brew combining Point Ybel's affinity for heavily hopped beers using Australian Galaxy hops and the souring technique used in Green Bench's lip-puckering sour IPA. It's a bigger beer than Surrealist, clocking in at a double IPA's 8.8 percent alcohol by volume.

Although the beer wasn't meant to be re-brewed, a new batch just hit the tasting room and is expected to last until the end of August.

"We're asked about [Colliding Galaxies] daily, and at the end of the hop calendar year I had some extra Galaxy hops on hand," brewmaster Khris Johnson said.

He describes Colliding Galaxies as "a kettle-soured beer that's hopped like an IPA and heavily dry-hopped with Galaxy hops, then aged on American white oak."

The flavor is very tropical, with mango, papaya and peach notes from the galaxy hops as well as a light herbal quality from the white oak aging. Colliding Galaxies finishes dry, with a balanced tartness that goes well with the up-front fruitiness.

Unless Green Bench has a similar hop surplus next year, this is a beer you shouldn't expect to see again.

Justin Grant, Times correspondent