Video: Trump takes place among Disney World’s Hall of Presidents

Published December 19 2017
Updated December 19 2017

More than a year after he won the 2016 election, President Donald Trump has finally taken his place in Walt Disney World’s Hall of Presidents in the Magic Kingdom. And while we don’t want to say out loud that he looks like a grown-up Chucky doll, he does look ... different.

But he’s lucky to be here. The ink was hardly dry on his inauguration papers before there was a petition asking Disney to keep the Trump figure silent.

The attraction has been closed since Jan. 17, before Trump was even sworn in, and more than 15,000 people signed a petition to muzzle him. But Disney said the closing was needed to upgrade the sound and graphics for a 25-minute show

In the show, Trump stands next to a seated Abraham Lincoln in the center of the stage with his signature hair, his suit jacket unbuttoned and his tie dangling extra low. "Above all, to be American is to be an optimist — to believe that we can always do better — and that the best days of our great nation are still ahead of us," the Trump figure says.

The official Disney parks blog said, "President Trump personally recorded remarks exclusively for The Hall of Presidents, just as each sitting president has done for the attraction since the early 1990s."