Must see: SeaWorld's wardrobe department made a coat for a featherless penguin

One of SeaWorld’s penguins gets a custom wet suit.
One of SeaWorld’s penguins gets a custom wet suit.
Published Oct. 28, 2016

Attention fashionistas: Check out the custom-designed frock one of SeaWorld's penguins is sporting these days at the park's Antarctica attraction.

She's wearing her very own wet suit and her feathers make it look like it has a fur-lined collar. Couldn't you just die of happiness right now?

The female Adelie penguin recently experienced feather loss, the park said in a news release.

"As a result of her feather loss, the bird had a hard time naturally regulating her body temperature," the park's release said. "SeaWorld's aviculture team set out to assist her and created a wet suit to mimic her former coat of feathers. The coat was designed and sewn by SeaWorld's wardrobe department."

Work it, girlfriend.

While wearing her wet suit the effortlessly stylish penguin swims, sleeps and eats alongside her fellow penguins, SeaWorld says.

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