Use the Force to get ahead with Christian Blauvelt’s Star Wars self-help guides

‘Be More Yoda’ and ‘Be More Vader’ help you channel your mindfulness and aggression to get ahead in the real world.
Published November 9 2018

Are you a Yoda or a Vader? How about a little of both? It might be the Star Wars sweet spot, according to Christian Blauvelt. The managing editor for IndieWire and author of Star Wars Made Easy: An Introductory Guide to a Galaxy Far, Far Away is back with two new self-help guides inspired by the Force. Be More Yoda offers guidance on how to be more mindful. Be More Vader makes a plug for assertive thinking. Below, a tip from each book.

— Stephanie Hayes, Times staff writer

Master the power of self-confidence

Always be confident in your abilities. Your colleagues may possess better people skills, be proficient in the latest business software, or have even developed a moon-sized space station packed with planet-destroying weaponry. But the Force is strong with you, and you should never be afraid to demonstrate it. Underscore your status and presence with some subtle Sith mind games. Stand during a meeting while others sit — it’s the ultimate power play.

Believe in your abilities

A healthy dose of skepticism is good. But doubting yourself is self-defeating. You might not have all the answers, but you might not need them right now. Believe that with calm, applied effort, a solution will present itself — whether you are choosing which university to apply to, what job you should accept or proving to your mentor (and yourself) that you are truly Jedi material. Quitting in frustration is never the answer.