1. Visual Arts

Dozens of new shows coming to Tampa Bay regional museums

The Tampa Bay Timese_SSRq annual museum exhibition preview is always about the future. And it's looking excellent for the visual arts and you who enjoy them.

What you won't see here, though, are show listings for the Museum of the American Arts and Crafts Movement or the Tom and Mary James Museum of Western Art, both in St. Petersburg. They are, nonetheless, an important part of our future. The former will break ground probably in two to three months and be completed in the fall of 2018. The latter is already under renovation with an opening date set for fall 2017. Each in its own way will further burnish our region's growing reputation as a center for great art.

This year's schedule includes eight museums located in four counties. You won't find consistency in the dates; some have plans that stretch through 2017, others only through 2016. Each operates at its own pace. What you will find consistent is the diversity and range in content, from an impressive exhibition featuring Medieval art to one celebrating the airborne vision of a contemporary artist, with one even celebrating a world-famous chef.

Of special note is "Skyway," a new collaborative project among the Tampa Museum of Art, the Ringling Museum of Art and the Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg. Not only is the partnership a first, so is its organization. Curators from each museum will seek out the best contemporary artists working in our region and divide their work among the three venues.

It's an example of a profound change in our sense of place. Decades ago when I was a child, a single bridge connected St. Petersburg to Tampa, and it wasn't used much. To get to Sarasota, a ferry transported you and your car across the bay. No smoothly paved highways took you east or west. No one seemed to care about going farther afield. Today we travel with ease and nonchalance across county lines, over water and land. We're an arts community borderless and unbounded. e_SClBMuseum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg

255 Beach Drive NE

(727) 896-2667 or

From the Heart: Folk Art on Paper

Continuing through Nov. 13

Bill Traylor, Thornton Dial, Lonnie Holley, Nellie Mae Rowe, Juanita Rogers, Purvis Young and Dilmus Hall are among the major artists represented. There is also an abstract print by Louisiana Bendolph, one of the celebrated Gee's Bend quilters from Alabama.

Our America: The Latino Presence in American Art

Oct. 27 through Jan. 22

One of the largest exhibitions of Latino art in the Tampa Bay region, it features 75 works by 62 modern and contemporary artists, on loan from the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

Jack Barrett: People Watching

Nov. 5 through Feb. 19

Barrett, who died in 2008, was a much-admired artist based in our region. Examples of his vibrant paintings, sketchbooks that demonstrate his gift as a draftsman and a few sculptures comprise the show.

The Far North: Inuit Prints and Sculpture

Nov. 19 through March 19

About 30 works by Inuit artists (once known as the Eskimo) cover the 19th and 20th centuries, most using a visual storytelling style.

The Open Road: Photography ?and the American Road Trip

Feb. 11 through June 4

Organized by the Aperture Foundation in New York, the show has about 200 images by road-tripping photographers from the 1950s to today including Robert Frank, Ed Ruscha, Lee Friedlander, Garry Winogrand, William Eggleston, Joel Sternfeld, Stephen Shore, Joel Meyerowitz and Ryan McGinley.

Skyway: A Contemporary Collaboration

June through October 2017

A first-time collaboration among the Museum of Fine Arts, the Tampa Museum of Art and the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art will feature works by contemporary regional artists. An open call will be made to artists in Pinellas, Hillsborough, Manatee and Sarasota counties, then curators from the three museums and a visiting juror will select the works, which will be divided among the venues.

Dalí Museum

1 Dalí Blvd. (Bayshore Drive at Fifth Avenue SE), St. Petersburg

(727) 823-3767 or

Ferran Adria: The Invention of Food

Sept. 25 through Nov. 27

It may seem odd, an exhibition featuring a chef at an art museum. But Adria is considered an artist by many, as well as the most innovative chef in the world and among the best in terms of taste. The exhibition will display images of the famous plates he created at El Bulli, his famed, now-closed restaurant located not far from Dalí's home in Catalonia, Spain, plus drawings he sketched while creating menus and tableware he designed.

Frida Kahlo at the Dalí

Dec. 17 through April 17

An exhibition of Kahlo's paintings and drawings, together with her personal photograph collection, will be the first solo exhibition in Florida showcasing the extraordinary career and life of the acclaimed 20th century artist. It links her aesthetic, similar to the literary style called magical realism, to Dalí's surrealism.


February through May

Marcel Duchamp, the father of conceptual art, and Salvador Dalí, the father of surrealism, are paired in the first exhibit dedicated to their friendship and its influence on their art. The 60 works bring together many of Dalí's most significant paintings and sculptures and Duchamp's ground-breaking assemblages and ready-mades, supplemented by correspondence and collaborations between the two artists.

Tampa Museum of Art

120 W Gasparilla Plaza (near Ashley Drive at Polk Street)

(813) 274-8130 or

The Classical World in Focus: Animals in Ancient Art

Through January

Animals played an important role in ancient life, myth and art either as naturalist creatures or hybrids combining multiple forms that included human ones. All the works come from the permanent collection.

Manuel Carrillo: Mi Querido Mexico ?(My Beloved Mexico)

Oct. 1 through Jan. 8

Forty-five photographs from the Bank of America Collection, taken by Carrillo in the mid 20th century, portray the Mexican people in their daily lives and their countrysides in images that helped establish a unified sense of national identity. A selection of works by photographers who influenced him, such as Ansel Adams, will also be on view.

Self-Taught Genius: Treasures ?From the American Folk Art Museum

Oct. 1 through Jan. 16

The concept of self-taught artists has evolved over the decades with so much professional information easily available. With 100 works, the exhibition explores the changing dynamic of the concept from the mid 18th and into the 21st centuries.

Complicated Beauty: Contemporary Cuban Art

Oct. 8 through Jan. 22

The thawing of relations between the United States and Cuba has heightened interest in modern and contemporary Cuban art. This survey from the 1970s to the present includes 50 works from the museum's permanent collection and loans from the Bronx Museum of the Arts and other collections.

Skyway: A Contemporary Collaboration

June 22 through Sept. 24

A first-time collaboration among the Museum of Fine Arts, the Tampa Museum of Art and the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art will feature works by contemporary regional artists. An open call will be made to artists in Pinellas, Hillsborough, Manatee and Sarasota counties, then curators from the three museums and a visiting juror will select the works, which will be divided among the venues.

University of South Florida ?Contemporary Art Museum

4202 E Fowler Ave., Tampa (The museum is on Holly Drive on the north side of the campus and best accessed from Bruce B. Downs Boulevard.)

(813) 974-2489 or


Through Dec. 10

Five contemporary artists explore the concept of extraction as an overarching human practice of exploiting the world's natural resources. It may sound ponderous, but the show is thought-provoking and accessible.

Duke Riley: Flights of Fancy

Jan. 13 through March 4

Riley's most recent breathtaking project was the 2016 Fly by Night in New York, in which he trained 2,000 pigeons, outfitted them with LED lights and set them loose over the harbor at sunset. It entranced thousands of hard-to-impress New Yorkers. Alas, he won't have a project like that here, though there will be photographs of it along with an even more ambitious one, Trading With the Enemy, using pigeons to fly from Havana to Key West in 2013, some with illegal cigars and others with videocameras to record the smuggling operation.

Florida Museum of Photographic Arts

400 N Ashley Drive, Tampa

(813) 221-2222 or

Jerry Uelsmann: Undiscovered Self

Through December

The master of mysterious photomontage pioneered the style in his darkroom, before computers. The prints in the exhibition act as a retrospective spanning more than 50 years.

John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art

5401 Bayshore Road, Sarasota

(941) 359-5700 or

Soviet Scenes: Photographs of WWII ?// Photojournalism From the August Coup

Oct. 14 through Jan. 8

Two key historic moments of the former Soviet Union are spotlighted, with photographs from its participation in World War II and of the 1991 coup that led to the dissolution of the Soviet empire.

Asia Under the Big Top

Oct. 14 through Feb. 13

Circus posters from the end of the 19th century to the first half of the 20th century promoted "Oriental" acts and productions that fed the public's fascination with the Far East. This collection will highlight the fantasies and cliches attendant with that era.

Pathless Woods

Nov. 4

This site-specific interactive installation by artist Anne Patterson inaugurates the permanent dedication of a gallery to modern and contemporary art, named in honor of donors Keith D. and Linda L. Monda. A forest of ribbons encourages visitors to find their way through, with each choice determining outcome.

First Permanent Installation ?of the Modern and Contemporary Collection

Nov. 4

Two galleries will be devoted to this part of the Ringling's collection, which has grown in recent years under the guidance of Matthew McClendon, curator of modern and contemporary art. It's important to remember that John Ringling, whose main focus was Baroque art, began to add works from other eras to make the collection comprehensive. This move honors that vision.

A Feast for the Senses: ?Art and Experience in Medieval Europe

Feb. 4 through April 30

A collaboration between the Ringling and the Walters Art Museum, Baltimore brings over 160 objects, many on loan from prestigious institutions including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Louvre. Paintings, tapestries, metalwork and manuscripts express a new interest in the human experience.

Eternal Offerings: Chinese Bronze ?From the Minneapolis Institute of Art

June 9 through Sept. 10

The nearly 100 bronze objects date from Chinese dynasties that span millennia and are examples of the importance of such objects to the appearance of status and refinement.

Skyway: A Contemporary Collaboration

June 23 through Oct. 15

A first-time collaboration among the Museum of Fine Arts, the Tampa Museum of Art and the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art will feature works by contemporary regional artists. An open call will be made to artists in Pinellas, Hillsborough, Manatee and Sarasota counties, then curators from the three museums and a visiting juror will select the works, which will be divided among the venues.

Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art

600 Klosterman Road, on the Tarpon Springs campus ?of St. Petersburg College

(727) 712-5762 or

St. Petersburg College Visual Arts Faculty Exhibition 2016

Oct. 2 through Dec. 30

Most arts educators are also practicing artists, and this show celebrates the latter. Most media are represented including ceramics, painting, printmaking, photography and mixed media.

Satirical Opera: "The Beggar's Opera" by Abraham Rattner and "The Three-Penny Opera" by Jack Levine

Oct. 2 through Dec. 30

The Beggar's Opera was written in the 18th century, then adapted into The Three-Penny Opera in the 20th century. Artists Abraham Rattner and Jack Levine created portfolios of lithographs illustrating them that will be on view.

Rattner's Contemporaries: Paris in the 1930s

Dec. 5 through Dec. 5, 2017

But for World War II, U.S.-born Abraham Rattner probably never would have left Paris. This show includes prints by friends, most more famous than he, and others who influenced his own art including Pierre-August Renoir, Paul Cezanne, Paul Signac, Max Ernst, Pablo Picasso, Fernand Leger and Joan Miró.

Miniature Art Society of Florida Annual ?International Miniature Art Show

Jan. 15 through Feb. 5

A mind-blowing 800 works of art will be shown, all of them very, very small and from around the United States and the world.

Endangered Landscapes: ?America's National Lands in Transition, ?Photographic Landscapes by Rick Braveheart

Feb. 19 through May 14

Braveheart has been awarded many artist-in-residence spots by the National Park Service, and this show celebrates its centennial.

Polk Museum of Art

800 E Palmetto St., Lakeland

(863) 688-7743 or

Unmanned: Women Artists ?from the Permanent Collection

Through Oct. 9

This exhibition of 15 works includes paintings, photography and mixed media. Artists include Miriam Schapiro, Alice Neel and Barbara Morgan.

Unforeseen Light: A Study in Reflection

Through Dec. 4

Examples of photographer David Woods' use of high-dynamic-range digital photography, which creates a unique luminosity.

Monkey Business: Ruben Ubiera

Through Dec. 31

The museum commissioned artist Ubiera, a well-known Miami muralist, to create an interior mural. He uses the gorilla as a symbol for the power of street art, now respectable and at home inside a museum.

Lessons From the Shadows

Sept. 24 through Dec. 3

New Orleans photographer Josephine Sacabo employs an array of photographic techniques to produce dreamlike images that often illustrate historical and cultural narratives.

One Collector's Dream

Sept. 24 through Dec. 3

This exhibition features art from the private collection of voice actor and comedian George Lowe, who has been an art collector for more than 30 years. His collection contains a variety of artworks from mid-century pop art to contemporary folk art.

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