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  1. Visual Arts

Kate Helms explores climate change, Mize goes mod and an art flip at the Studio@620

Courtesy of Amanda Poss Kate Helms exhibition, “Tidewater Elegy” explores climate change and rising tides through an installation of marine-life encrusted furniture. It’s on display at HCC’s Gallery 221.

Lost Landscapes:

Tidewater Elegy

With divisive issues, sometimes presenting a side visually is much more effective than arguing about it. Kate Helms' installation at HCC's Gallery 221 is just that, a stunning visual of the long-term effects of climate change. Tidewater Elegy imagines a world when the water levels have risen, driving that concept home with a Victorian-inspired Florida parlor set with marine-life-encrusted furniture. The forms resemble sponges and barnacles, reminiscent of the way shipwrecks become coral reefs. Helms chose the Victorian era because it was another time of great opulence and pollution, much like today. Along the walls, the fictional homeowner has plastered yellowed bathymetric maps, obsessively charting the tides and whiting out the areas that will be under water someday. Helms is a native Floridian and an environmental scientist, which informs her work. She'll give an artist talk at the opening reception Thursday at 6 p.m. The reception runs 5-8 p.m. The exhibit remains on display through Dec. 12. 4001 W Tampa Bay Blvd., Tampa.

Swinging London: MOD at Mize

It was only a matter of time before Chad Mize debuted an art show based on the mods of the 1960s. He's so obsessed with supermodel Twiggy's mod look that he painted a huge mural of her on the back of his former space. And the mods were a stylish bunch, with their fitted suits, tooling around London on Vespas, listening to jazz, soul and R&B. So Mize felt like fall would be a cool time to present Mod, opening Friday at his gallery. He tapped more than 20 national and local artists to interpret this subculture, including Las Vegas-based Snipt, whose work is pictured. The opening reception happens Friday from 6-10 p.m., so break out your Italian suits and mini skirts and head to 689 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. St. N, St. Petersburg.

Switch it Up: Art Flip Opening Reception

Earlier this week, folks were unloading their unwanted art work at the Studio@620 for the Art Flip fundraiser. Now the staff has priced and installed the pieces, which are ready for new owners. The show opens from 5-9 p.m. Saturday at 620 First Ave. S, St. Petersburg.