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This is what happens when Michelle Obama visits a CVS with Ellen DeGeneres (w/video)

"This is not how you behave in a CVS," Michelle Obama told Ellen DeGeneres recently, creating an excellent punchline to a joke, except that it's something that actually happened in real life.

Obama, who co-hosted DeGeneres' show earlier this week, visited a CVS with the TV host and they did all the CVS things —shopping for boxed wine, feeling impatient when that little button to call someone to unlock the "earphones" doesn't work and emptying a ziplock baggie of change into a CoinStar machine.

Obama doesn't seem to be totally up on the day-to-day life of non-First Lady people; at one point she spots an ATM machine and says, "I know what that is. That is a debit thing."

After autographing a baby's shorts and lowkey assaulting a store manager named Jose with a back scratcher, DeGeneres shows Obama how to use the self-checkout line, something the First Lady says she's never done before.

Maybe it was a good opportunity for Obama to prepare for post-White House life.

"I'm gonna be back, 2017," Obama says on the way out of the store. "I'm coming alone, without Ellen."

Watch the video below.