1. Florida

Three more Florida school districts seek uniforms funding

The $10 per student incentive Florida lawmakers put into the state budget for school districts that mandate elementary and middle school uniforms continues to attract takers as the Sept. 1 deadline nears.

In the past week, three districts -- Miami-Dade, Bay and Gulf -- have certified to the Florida Department of Education that they have policies in place requiring "standardized student attire" in kindergarten through eighth grade.

That puts them in line for a share of the $10 million lawmakers offered in their June special session to participating districts. The money is to be paid out in the order the requests are submitted.

Four other districts -- Taylor, Flagler, Osceola and Polk -- filed earlier.

Leaders in several other districts have indicated they will not apply for the money, saying they would not want to impose uniforms on schools where families do not want them. The ones that have applied so far had student uniforms in place already.