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Tim Gunn is woke about the style needs of American women

Tim Gunn, seen here with non-average woman, Heidi Klum.
Tim Gunn, seen here with non-average woman, Heidi Klum.
Published Sep. 9, 2016

I don't like to brag, but Uncle Tim Gunn and I are thisclose. Surely he remembers the phone interview we did in 2011, in advance of his appearance in Tampa, and the special moments we shared. Surely!

Well, maybe not. But I remember him. And I remember enjoying the heck out of him, and thought he was very honest, funny and open to the experience of the average American woman. So it came as not too much of a surprise to me when he penned an epic, truthy op-ed for the Washington Post. The headline goes:

Tim Gunn: Designers refuse to make clothes to fit American women. It's a disgrace.

Gunn asserts that the American fashion industry has turned its back on women who are not stick insects and seven feet tall, women who are willing to pay good money to have clothes that make them feel put together, stylish and attractive. What a crazy concept. He even takes his own show, Project Runway, to task for tokenism.

You must read it.