Welcome to TimesVision, an innovative video network serving advertisers and their potential customers at busy retail locations throughout Tampa Bay. If you're curious about our digital billboard network, read the answers to some common questions below.
  • What is TimesVision?
  • TimesVision is a digital billboard network initiative by Times Publishing Company, designed to display video content at our print distribution racks in stores. Single–copy racks inside retail locations use video screens to show a rotation of video content.
  • What are we showing on TimesVision?
  • Videos play in a loop that runs about seven minutes. Content is split into three categories:
    1. Advertising - which are paid advertisements for clients choosing to reach more potential customers.
    2. In-store promotions - featuring in-store promotions run by the businesses hosting the rack.
    3. Editorial and Marketing - videos that promote theTimes, its content and its staff.
    These videos are played at random by the software driving the racks. Each segment has the potential to be played hundreds of times per day.
  • How do the racks work?
  • The units are Times sales racks with a video monitor connected to a processor and mifi device. This allows each unit to download the latest videos that we upload from our offices. Each monitor includes an optical sensor that can tell us whether someone walked by or faced the screen.
  • Is the optical sensor recording me?
  • No, the optical sensor does not record images. It logs the number of people who view the screen in order to help us know how many people watch our videos. Whereas a camera records and saves images, the optical sensor is measuring distance and dimensions about viewers, including where they are standing and whether they are facing the screen. One way to think of it is as being similar to the parking sensors on a modern car - they can measure the distance and size of an object and alert you, but they don't record an image.
  • What happens to that information?
  • The Times is able to collate reports that show broad information about the number of people who watched videos and a general idea of how they reacted to the content on the screen. This verified engagement data is helpful to the newspaper, advertisers and stores because it indicates which video items are engaging shoppers the most.

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