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Rick Scott

Richard Lynn Scott

    Rick Scott is a Republican elected governor of Florida in 2010. He defeated Democrat Alex Sink, the state's chief financial officer, in the closest governor's race since 1876. He also spent $73 million of his own money to introduce himself to Floridians, having no political experience and barely met residency requirements.

    Rick Scott is the former CEO of Columbia/HCA and also started Solantic. Scott was born Dec. 1, 1952, in Bloomington, Ill. He served in the Navy and graduated from the University of Missouri-Kansas City and Southern Methodist University Law School. He and his wife, Frances Annette, have two adult daughters.


    1. Capitol meltdown leaves Gov. Rick Scott's agenda in shambles

      State Roundup

      TALLAHASSEE — As the 2015 legislative session stumbled to a close Friday, Gov. Rick Scott's agenda lay in shambles, another victim of the Capitol's worst political breakdown in decades.

      At a time when legislative leaders desperately needed intervention to break a budget deadlock, Gov Rick Scott was far from the action - attending political fund-raisers, casting for jobs in California and dedicating a new amusement park ride in Orlando. [AP photo]
    2. California judge orders Google to turn over data on Gov. Rick Scott's Gmail account

      State Roundup

      TALLAHASSEE — In a major defeat for Gov. Rick Scott, a California judge on Thursday ordered Google to turn over the computer IP addresses for all correspondence to and from the Florida governor's private Gmail account since Jan. 15, 2011, and the accounts of two of his staffers.

    3. Florida lawsuit takes aim at federal health officials

      State Roundup

      TALLAHASSEE — As a standoff over Medicaid expansion brought the legislative session to an unexpected halt on Tuesday, Gov. Rick Scott filed a lawsuit claiming that the federal government tried to force the health care policy upon Florida.

      Gov. Rick Scott’s suit asks that renewal of Florida’s LIP program be reconsidered immediately.
    4. Florida House approves online voter registration — with a twist

      State Roundup

      TALLAHASSEE — The Florida House on Tuesday overwhelmingly endorsed a new system of online voter registration, but added a new wrinkle.

      Rep. Jamie Grant, R-Tampa, added an amendment that calls for a review of the process every two years.
    5. Florida law restricting doctors from asking about guns is subject of JAMA article

      State Roundup

      Physicians acknowledge that they ask their patients questions that, in any other context, would be considered nosy and meddlesome.

    6. Gov. Rick Scott sues feds over health care money, Medicaid expansion

      State Roundup

      TALLAHASSEE — Republican Gov. Rick Scott announced Thursday he will sue the federal government for allegedly coercing Florida to expand Medicaid.

      “We will fight to protect the health care of Floridians, and their right to be free from federal overreach.”
Gov. Scott
    7. Florida Legislature heads toward special session because of Medicaid impasse

      State Roundup

      TALLAHASSEE — Republican leaders said Wednesday that they won't approve a budget by the scheduled end of the legislative session in 15 days because of a showdown over Medicaid expansion.

      House speaker Steve Crisafulli, R-Merritt Island, center, said Wednesday, "I would assume most likely we're looking at a special session" of the Florida Legislature. [Associated Press]
    8. Dockery: Gov. Rick Scott missing in action on prison crisis


      People are dying in state care and all Gov. Rick Scott can muster is a blank stare.

    9. Gov. Rick Scott and Cabinet refuse to honor Confederate war heroes

      State Roundup

      TALLAHASSEE — In an emotional clash between race and Southern heritage, Gov. Rick Scott and the Cabinet on Tuesday refused to honor three prominent Floridians who were Confederate heroes during the Civil War.

      Credit: State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory
Portrait of Florida's 14th Governor Edward Aylsworth Perry

    10. PolitiFact Florida: Fact-checking Rick Scott on the environment and sea-level rise


      Gov. Rick Scott's record on the environment has faced renewed scrutiny after a news report stated that administrators in his Department of Environmental Protection were banned from using the terms "global warming" or "climate change."

      Were state officials banned from using “global warming” or “climate change”? Without going into specifics, Gov. Rick Scott says simply: “It’s not true.” But what of the rest of his environmental record and related promises?