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Craft Beer in Tampa Bay

  1. Bar review: O'Keefe's Tavern in Clearwater

    Bars & Spirits

    It wasn't until we were almost pulling into O'Keefe's that my girlfriend realized it was the wrong bar. Originally, the plan was to visit a similarly named spot — O'Keefe's Softails Pub in Seminole — which she had heard offered a great Thursday ladies night special. I got it mixed up with O'Keefe's Tavern, a …

    O'Keefe's favors green, being Irish and all. This is the Midori Martini. The pub hosts a very large St. Patrick's Day gathering. [Photo by Justin Grant/Special to tbt*]
  2. Local Craft Beer of the Week: JMC Coffee Porter, Mastry's Brewing Co.

    Bars & Spirits

    One of the best aspects of the local craft beer scene is its emphasis on collaboration and cooperation, whether between competing breweries or other local businesses.

    Photo by Justin Grant/Special to tbt*
  3. Local craft beer of the week: Parthenocarpic from Inoculum Ale Works

    Bars & Spirits

    Inoculum: it's New Latin, and it simply refers to a substance use for inoculation. In the case of Inoculum Ale Works, it refers to the yeast and other micro-organisms used to ferment the beers belonging to Florida's first sour-only production brewery.

    Inoculum Aie Works
  4. Bar review: Caledonia Brewing and Soggy Bottom Brewing Co. in downtown Dunedin

    Bars & Spirits

    It happened over the course of a year or so, but St. Petersburg's brewery count seemed to more than double overnight. Remember when it was just Brewers Tasting Room, Cycle and Green Bench?

    Caledonia Brewing set up shop in a historic building formerly used by a local newspaper. It’s an appealing setting with vintage style — a Wurlitzer jukebox and hot rod parts, as well as games.
  5. Local Craft Beer of the Week: Fireberry Tea Ale, Sea Dog Brewing Co.

    Bars & Spirits

    Clearwater's Sea Dog Brewing Co. doesn't get enough credit. Most craft beer drinkers familiar with the near-ubiquitous Sea Dog and Shipyard brands, which have been brewed in Maine since the early '90s, erroneously conclude that the Clearwater location is more of the same. But this location, opened in 2013, features its …

    Justin Grant/Special to tbt*

Tour our Tampa Bay craft breweries

The Tampa Bay area is the new hotbed of craft beer as more than a dozen breweries and brewpubs have set up shop with another half dozen in the planning stages.


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