Local craft beer of the week: Moroccan Dream Saison, Overflow Brewing Company

Drink up an exotic Moroccan Dream
Photo courtesy of Geneva Johnson
Photo courtesy of Geneva Johnson
Published January 10

One of the benefits of patronizing your local brewery tasting room is the ability to try one-off treated versions of a brewery’s base beers. If you’ve ever stopped into Cigar City’s tasting room and sampled the myriad spinoff versions of its production brews, you know what I’m talking about.

At St. Petersburg’s Overflow Brewing Company, its core saison — Phosphene Dream — has more than once served as a canvas for head brewer Troy Bledsoe’s imagination. A previous version featured hibiscus as an aromatic, colorful addition, and a current take — Moroccan Dream — rounds out the beer with turmeric and ginger.

Moroccan Dream pours a dense, opaque golden-orange, topped with a rich layer of white foam. The nose is candied ginger, sweet grain and bubblegum, of all things; the latter a byproduct of the funky Belgian saison yeast.

Brewing up a saison and bombing it with flavoring additions is nothing revolutionary, but Moroccan Dream benefits from the combination of a complex and substantial — both in terms of body and alcohol content (7.4 percent alcohol by volume) — base beer, as well as flavoring ingredients that complement it perfectly.

The turmeric-ginger combo gives the beer an exotic, adventurous aroma and flavor, enhanced by a pleasantly evocative name. No one will mistake Overflow’s tasting room for a market in Marrakesh, but the beer certainly constitutes an intriguing effort.

As is generally the case with one-off treatments, Moroccan Dream is a tasting-room exclusive. Close your eyes, take a deep whiff, and use your imagination. Or just kick back and sip a truly outstanding saison treatment while you play a classic video game emulator in the tasting room lounge at 770 First Ave. N in St. Pete. Either way!

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