Local craft beer of the week: Peach Alice, Webb’s City Cellar

A sour brew that’s just peachy? Go ask Alice
Photo courtesy of Khristopher Johnson
Photo courtesy of Khristopher Johnson
Published May 23
Updated May 29

Webb’s City Cellar, a brand of St. Petersburg’s Green Bench Brewing Co., launched about two months ago, focusing on rustic saisons, natural ciders and wood-fermented and barrel-aged wild ales.

The tasting room’s ostensible flagship is Alice, a golden sour fermented in the brewery’s massive wooden foeder, a Belgian-style vessel instrumental in creating the house character that defines the world’s most iconic breweries.

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Several additional months in old wine barrels adds immense depth and complexity to this mildly tart and fruity brew, making it a perfect canvas for experimentation, such as refermenting Alice on whole fruit — raspberries and peach, most recently.

The peach and raspberry variations on Alice make up the inaugural bottle releases at Webb’s City: $25 apiece for 500ml bottles with beautiful labels designed by Kristin Northup of Craft Brands.

While both beers are absolute knockouts, Peach Alice is noteworthy for how well the fruit flavors hold up after refermentation and bottle-conditioning. Peach Alice in the bottle is a touch drier than the draft version, featuring massive peach notes in the nose and a creamy, stone-fruit follow-through starting from the first sip.

It’s both fruit-forward and richly layered, with nuance to spare as the beer warms up around the halfway point. You don’t need to be a “sour beer” enthusiast to enjoy this one; in fact, it might appeal to wine drinkers just as easily.

You’ve likely heard some buzz already about Webb’s City Cellar, and for good reason — the tasting-room experience is quite a bit different from what you’ll experience elsewhere. If you have any interest in expertly crafted wild ales and saisons, 1133 Baum Ave. N in St. Pete is a must-visit, but don’t leave without a bottle of Peach Alice — it’s simply world class.

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