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Nuclear Plants

  1. Westinghouse CEO is key witness in suit against Duke

    Westinghouse Electric CEO Daniel L. Roderick might be the company's best weapon in its lawsuit against Duke Energy over the cancellation of the Levy County nuclear project.
    Daniel L. Roderick leads the  firm suing for $512 million.
  2. Duke Energy's customers face a potential $500 million bill

    Here's the latest fallout from the state's eight-year-old nuclear advance fee: Duke Energy customers may have to pay another half billion dollars for the Levy County nuclear plant.
  3. AARP seeks repeal of nuclear 'advance fee' as a priority in 2014

    In its December newsletter, the AARP pledged that one of its 2014 legislative goals is the repeal of the state law that allows utilities to charge customers in advance for new nuclear projects.
  4. Opponents of nuclear fees will rally to protest charges

    Opponents of a state law that lets utilities charge customers in advance for construction of new nuclear plants plan to rally for repeal of the measure at Duke Energy's headquarters in downtown St. Petersburg at 10:30 a.m. Saturday.
  5. After canceled nuclear plant, Florida legislator seeks repeal of advance fee law

    State Rep. Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda, D-Tallahassee, filed a bill Thursday that would repeal the law that allows utilities to charge customers for new nuclear plants before building them.
  1. Florida PSC approves Duke Energy agreement with customers on hook for $3.2 billion

    TALLAHASSEE — State regulators on Thursday approved a controversial settlement agreement over who pays for Duke Energy's $5 billion in nuclear failures.
  2. State regulators could vote today on settlement with Duke Energy

    TALLAHASSEE — State regulators expect to vote today on a settlement agreement over Duke Energy's $5 billion nuclear boondoggle after hours of testimony and questions about whether the deal is good for the utility's customers.
    State regulators expect to vote today on a sweeping plan that would resolve who pays the costs of the botched upgrade at the Crystal River nuclear plant, above, and the failed Levy County nuclear project. Under the proposed settlement, Duke’s customers would bear the largest burden, about $3.2 billion, with insurance picking up $835 million and the rest by the utility’s shareholders.
  3. Duke Energy customers will pay $108 million a year for canceled nuclear plants

    TALLAHASSEE — Unraveling Duke Energy's two nuclear power plant debacles in Florida will cost more than expected and customers will have to pay sooner than expected.
    Here’s a view of Duke Energy’s broken Crystal River nuclear plant taken from the top of the Cross Florida Barge Canal bridge.
  4. Outside appraisal boosts Citrus County's tax claim against Duke Energy

    Duke Energy's attempt to slash its Citrus County tax bill might have backfired: A new appraisal says the utility owes more than three times what it paid last year.
    Appraisers for Citrus County say Duke Energy undervalued its land and failed to include some transmission lines, easements, substations and transformers in the value of its assets.
  5. Consumer advocate says nuclear plant fiasco means financial 'armageddon'

    TALLAHASSEE — A warning to Progress Energy Florida customers about the financial impact of losing the Crystal River nuclear plant: Brace yourselves for "armageddon."
    The Crystal River nuclear plant, which has been offline since 2009, is being retired.