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Trump well behind Romney among Hispanics in Florida, poll shows

Hillary Clinton has huge lead on Donald Trump among Florida's Hispanic voters, a poll released Friday shows, the Democrat taking 62 percent of the vote and the Republican 27 percent.

That puts Trump below the 39 percent Mitt Romney drew in 2012.

The poll from America's Voice, an immigrant advocacy group, was conducted by Latino Decisions and matches other surveys indicating a wide lead for Clinton. The overall percentage is made up of people who said they were certain, not certain or leaned one way for a candidate.

The Hispanic community also views Trump significantly more negatively than Clinton, with the Republican netting a 28 percent approval and Clinton 60 percent.

Asked if Trump has made the GOP more welcoming to Latinos or more hostile or had no effect, 61 percent said more hostile, 12 percent said more welcoming and 16 percent said he had no effect.

Nearly 50 percent said Clinton had made the Democratic Party more welcoming, while 11 percent said more hostile and 36 percent said she had no effect.

In the U.S. Senate race, Patrick Murphy edges Marco Rubio 47 percent to 43 percent among Hispanics. (That figure is also made up of people who said they were certain, not certain or leaned one way.)

The most important issue cited by Hispanic voters was the economy and jobs (38 percent) followed closely by immigration and deportations (34 percent). President Obama scored an overall 68 percent approval rating vs. 29 percent unfavorable.

Latino Decisions said it interviewed a "minimum" of 400 registered Hispanic voters and the results carry a margin of error of +/- 4.9 percent.