1. Pasco

Two other Pasco schools might face restaffing, too

Lacoochee Elementary isn't the only Pasco County school facing a total restaffing.

Tentative turnaround plans for Hudson and Fivay passing between district and state officials indicate that Hudson Elementary and Fivay High schools also could have their administrators and teachers removed next year -- if they get D's for a third consecutive year. The only difference is that the district hasn't taken any steps to put the rarely used move into play at Hudson and Fivay, while it has pulled the pin for Lacoochee.

"We do not project that Fivay High School is going to be a D," explained teaching and learning supervisor Tammy Rabon, who helps oversee turnaround grants for the district. "And we do not project that Hudson Elementary School is going to be a D."

The district must submit its turnaround plans to the state by April 30. It is expected to advertise all instructional and administrative jobs at Lacoochee by the end of this week.