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Uber and passengers take aim at PTC ahead of meeting to regulate rideshare

Rideshare giant Uber says the Public Transportation Commission is breaking state law since it has not yet published the agenda for its Wednesday meeting when controversial new rules to regulate ridesharing firms may be approved.

In a letter to the PTC, attorney Kate Wooler says the agency that regulates for-hire vehicles in Hillsborough County is violating the Florida Administrative Procedures Act by failing to have posted an agenda on its website. The letter was sent from Rasier, an Uber subsidiary.

"If the PTC chooses to go forward with the meeting, Rasier urges the PTC to refrain from considering proposed TNC rules at the meeting," the letter states

Cindy Oster, an assistant county attorney representing the PTC, said she was reviewing the complaint.

The letter references a Florida statute that states an agenda must be prepared at least seven days before a meeting so a copy can be provided if requested. As of Thursday afternoon, no agenda for the meeting was available on the PTC website.

The complaint comes one day after an online petition was started calling on PTC board members to reject the proposed rideshare rules that include a $7 minimum fare and a seven-minute minimum wait time for passengers. Rideshare firms also would have to conduct annual vehicle inspections and fingerprint-based background checks for drivers.

As of Thursday afternoon, the petition had received more than 940 signatures. Mayor Bob Buckhorn, a rideshare proponent, mentioned the petition in a tweet stating: "You know what to do…."