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USF straw poll highlights GOP's generational problem

If participants in a University of South Florida straw poll Tuesday had their way, every statewide Republican office-holder on the ballot this year would be looking for a new job after November. From USF:

A total of 1,096 ballots were cast in the straw poll, held at five locations around campus. Of those voters, 977 (92%) were students, while faculty and staff made up the remaining votes. Participants were 53% female, 52% listed themselves as White/Caucasian, 14% Black/African-American and 19% Hispanic/Latino. 37% indicated they are Democrats, 22% Republicans and 29% No Party Affiliation.

USF Distinguished Professor of Political Science Susan MacManus, along with the USF chapter of Pi Sigma Alpha, the USF Honors College and USF Student Government conducted the straw poll. USF is the only Florida university that facilitates this event each election year.

The results on major questions in the straw poll were:

Rick Scott 29%
Charlie Crist 49%
Adrian Wyllie 8%
Other 14%
Attorney General
Pam Bondi 37%
George Sheldon 50%
Bill Wohlsifer 13%
Chief Financial Officer
Jeff Atwater 45%
William Rankin 55%
Commissioner of Agriculture
Adam Putnam 42%
Thaddeus Hamilton 44%
Jeffery Obos 13%
Amendment 1
Yes 65%
No 6%
Don't Know 28%
Amendment 2
Yes 70%
No 19%
Don't Know 11%
Amendment 3
Yes 25%
No 24%
Don't Know 51%
Which of the following issues is most important to you in selecting who to vote for in 2014?
-Economy/Jobs 40%
-Education 31%
-Health Care 15%
-Environment 9%
-Foreign Policy 5%
Where are you getting most of your campaign news from?
-Television 39%
-Social Media 31%
-E-mails from campaigns 3%
-Newspapers (print, online, or apps) 23%
-Radio 4%