1. Pasco

Vacant Target site might not be option for Pasco school district

Published Apr. 28, 2016

Any desire the Pasco County school district might have to use some or all of a recently vacated SuperTarget on State Road 54 at the Suncoast Parkway might be off target.

Several potential problems stand in the way.

Pasco County administrator Michele Baker forwarded a staff email to superintendent Kurt Browning indicating that the site already is under review by other interested parties, and the price tag is likely to be above what government would consider desirable.

More than that, though, the property has use restrictions that could rule the district out. The 2003 declaration of reciprocal easements and operation covenants states that the site may not be used for, among other things, "training or educational facility" and "governmental or quasi-governmental uses."

(Other banned uses include a disco, a game room, a pawn shop and a house of worship.)

Some people have urged the school district to look at the location as a permanent home for the Pasco eSchool, which has moved several times since opening in 2009.