See 7 of the most watched Tampa Bay videos of 2022

From politics to weather to parrots, there was a lot to watch in 2022.
Video producer Jennifer Glenfield films at the Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park.
Video producer Jennifer Glenfield films at the Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park. [ Juan Manuel Barrero Bueno ]
Published Dec. 31, 2022|Updated Dec. 31, 2022

The Tampa Bay Times’ video and engagement producers work alongside reporters and photographers to put readers – and viewers, at the scene. Senior video producer Jennifer Glenfield selected seven videos from the most watched of 2022.

1. “Police cameras show confusion, anger over DeSantis’ voter fraud arrests.”

This video accompanied the dogged reporting of the Tampa Bay Times’ politics team. Body-worn camera footage recorded by local police captured the confusion and outrage of Hillsborough County residents.

2. Cut off from the world: Pine Island

Hurricane Ian had a tremendous impact on the state this year. Heartbreaking stories and photos covered the newsprint. The most viewed video, published days after impact, followed residents of Pine Island.

The video accompanied a story about one man trying to reach his family.

3. Florida’s so-called ‘don’t say gay bill’ explained

Politics in Florida always garner significant attention, and this year topping the video list is an explainer from Politics Editor Emily Mahoney on Florida’s so-called ‘don’t say gay bill.’

4. St. Pete couple raises parrot like a child

But news in Tampa Bay is not all politics and hurricanes. Sometimes it’s a parrot named Apollo raised like child by a couple in St. Petersburg.

5. A Largo nail artist found TikTok fame painting ‘90s masterpieces

Another video hit in 2022 from the Life and Culture team follows a TikTok famous nail artist in Largo. The ‘90s-inspired masterpieces by Devin Strebler of Nailz changed her life with a unique gift.

6. Tampa Bay will flood more from future storms. ETA showed us how.

One of the first videos published in 2022 accompanied a four-part series, Rising Threat. The Tampa Bay Times partnered with the National Hurricane Center for a revealing look at how future storms could impact Tampa Bay residents, homes and businesses.

7. Cyclist captures video of escaped monkey on Pinellas Trail in Palm Harbor

No Florida video list would be complete without an escaped animal. While we published more than a few Florida animal sightings, the most viewed came from a cyclist who captured an escaped monkey on the Pinellas trail.