1. Florida

Wall Street Journal editorial blasts 'The Patrick Murphy Zika Filibuster'

In a commentary published Thursday night, the Wall Street Journal's editorial board accuses Democrats of holding up congressional funding for Zika in order to use the issue as "political ammunition" solely to help U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy win Florida's U.S. Senate seat.

"Maybe Democrats aren't so confident anymore about retaking the Senate in a romp," the newspaper's editorial board opined, adding later that Murphy "is desperate" against Republican incumbent Sen. Marco Rubio.

"Democrats figured they had the Senate sewn up, but Republicans are running smart campaigns and are polling ahead of Donald Trump in their states," the editorial board also wrote. "So Democrats need to invent some other campaign deception, even at the expense of pregnant women."

You can read the Journal's full editorial here.

Both Murphy and Rubio want the full $1.9 billion that President Barack Obama requested earlier this year to fight the Zika virus. But the two continue to accuse each other of politicizing the health crisis, as Congress remains deadlocked over a provision that excludes funding for Planned Parenthood clinics in Puerto Rico. Zika can be transmitted through sex, and the clinics' family planning services include providing condoms.