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Wasserman Schultz's new book is 'wake-up call' for next generation

Debbie Wasserman Schultz's new book
Debbie Wasserman Schultz's new book
Published Oct. 15, 2013

Tuesday is release day for Rep. Debbie Wassserman Schultz's book For the Next Generation: A Wake-Up Call to Solving Our Nation's Problems.

The Florida Democrat outlines a progressive agenda while reflecting on gridlock and partisanship, though she does not hold back criticizing the GOP.

"The time has come for registered Republicans to demand that their leaders be responsible stewards of the national economy," she writes. "It's a party that today is focused more on getting elected than on the responsibilities of governing. America is strongest when both parties are engaged in a good faith effort to create jobs for all Americans. I think of my legislative occupation as an extension of my familial job, being a mother to my three young children. And I can't imagine jeopardizing their economic future for a short-term political reward. To do what's right, you have to be willing to risk losing. We must move beyond pure party loyalty and be willing to come together, spend some of our precious political capital, and take risks that can benefit the next generation.'

Reviews are mixed:

"Noting how few women with young children are members of Congress, Schultz appeals for resolution of political discord and issues a challenge to adopt a parent's perspective on how lawmaking or the lack of it will affect future generations. Throughout, she offers remembrances of her three children growing up—constant reminders of the significance of her job to the future of her children and other children. An interesting perspective on parenting and lawmaking," read a review from Booklist.

A Publishers Weekly review was less flattering, calling it a "rote, camera-ready recitation of the party platform ... The chapter on foreign policy neglects to mention the hugely unpopular drone program, and no reference to the Keystone XL pipeline sullies Wasserman Schultz's pristine take on the Democratic environmental platform. Anyone longing for a retread of last year's campaign will enjoy this defense of the winning position; however, political junkies and non-partisan observers will find nothing more than the status quo."

Ana Navarro offers an official endorsement. "Despite today's rancorous partisanship, Debbie and I are friends. She brings passion and commitment to everything she does, whether it's being in Congress, fighting cancer, leading her daughter's Girl Scout troop or being captain of the Congressional Women's Softball Team. We disagree on policy issues, including many of the ones she writes about here. Debbie Wasserman Schultz will have a leading role on the political stage for a long, long time. It's useful to know how the other side thinks. That's why Republicans and Democrats should read this book."