We absolutely adored Benjamin Orr and his music (but his dance moves ...)

Published Mar. 12, 2014

In 1986, Benjamin Orr launched his solo career with a solid start with his ballad Stay The Night that reached No. 24, but would Orr remain Too Hot To Stop?

Orr grew up in Ohio with the nickname of "Benny 11-Letters" since his birth certificate read Benjamin Orzechowski. In the late '60s, Benny moved to Columbus, shortened his name and made friends with Ric Ocasek and the two would move to Boston in 1973 to help form The Cars.

Too Hot To Stop did not melt the charts as it did not crack the singles chart and only made it to No. 25 on the Mainstream Rock Charts. The song is a catchy pop/rock nugget and the video shows that Orr may be more comfortable off to side hiding behind his bass rather than holding the mic.

Orr, the voice for The Cars biggest hit Drive, died in 2000 from pancreatic cancer.