We still think of and honor The Call everywhere we go

Published Sept. 14, 2015

Monday is a day in need of optimism and purpose. What a better way to start the work week than to get inspired by The Call and take some '80s music everywhere we go.

We covered the highly underrated The Call a couple of years ago on Lost and Found with The Walls Came Down, so it's long overdue for a follow up visit and Everywhere I Go. With its driving bass and an impressive chorus that includes backup vocals by Peter Gabriel and Jim Kerr of Simple Minds, Everywhere I Go was a solid hit on the Mainstream Rock Charts but did not crack the pop charts.

Everywhere I Go is off the 1986 album, Reconciled, that also features excellent Call songs like Oklahoma and I Still Believe, which was a No. 2 hit on the Contemporary Christian charts. Songs from The Call were sometimes political, sometimes faith-based, but always passionate and it's hard to believe that it's been five years since lead singer Michael Been passed away from a heart attack.