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Cold front could bring strong storms to Tampa Bay on Thursday night

Strong winds and storms could interrupt a good night’s sleep, and there’s even a chance of a tornado developing. Once the fury dies down, expect cool temperatures this weekend.
A cold front approaching the Florida peninsula could bring strong storms to the Tampa Bay area on Thursday night. [CHRIS URSO | Times (2014)]

A cold front approaching the Florida peninsula could bring strong storms to the Tampa Bay area by Thursday night.

The most likely threat to the bay area will come in the form of strong wind gusts, said Spectrum Bay News 9 meteorologist Josh Linker. But there’s also a chance that a tornado could develop.

The most severe weather will likely be felt further north, all the way up to the Panhandle. But Tampa Bay residents will certainly notice the change in weather come Thursday, Linker said.

“On the level of monumental-ness, (the system) shouldn’t really get to be that big of a deal,” he said. “Certainly, 'attention-getting’ would be a good way to describe it.”

The worst of the storm’s effects shouldn’t last more than an hour in any given area as Thursday turns into Friday, the meteorologist said. But that could be enough to wake up folks overnight.

The system is projected to bring in a lot of wind energy, so the region could experience winds approaching 40 miles per hour during the day on Thursday. Winds will come up from the south that day then shift from from the north on Friday.

Sea fog also is a possibility Thursday afternoon, so the reduced visibility won’t be ideal for boating. Less of a concern, Linker said, is coastal flooding.

Inland temperatures could reach the mid-80s on Thursday. It will be colder behind the front, but not anything that the bay area hasn’t already experienced. Expect highs in the 60s on Friday, with temperatures dipping down into the 40s Saturday morning and warming up to the 70s.

“It will be a short-lived little cool down,” Linker said. “Like a day.”