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Cold front will bring ‘seasonably cool’ weather to Tampa Bay

Temperatures will be in the 50s on Friday morning, with cloudy conditions expected to linger throughout the day.
We’ll wake to temperatures in the 50s Friday morning, with cloudy conditions expected to linger throughout the day.

This just in: It’s still winter.

The bay area has been experiencing higher than average temperatures for awhile now, but cooler weather is on the way.

Not cold. Just cooler than what we’ve been getting.

“I would call it seasonably cool,” said Spectrum Bay News 9 meteorologist Nick Merianos.

After climbing into the lower 80s Thursday afternoon — about 10 degrees above the average high for this time of year — temperatures were expected to drop as a cold front moves through the area that night, Merianos said.

Rain is also expected overnight, but it should clear up by sunrise with perhaps a few lingering showers.

Tampa Bay will awake to temperatures in the 50s with cloudy conditions. The lows should linger throughout the day.

“I think it will feel a lot colder than what it will be, considering what we’ve been seeing the last week or so,” Merianos said.

The average high for Feb. 20 is 73 degrees, but temperatures have remained in the 80 to 84 degrees range for much of this week. Temperatures will dip into the lower 60s Friday afternoon, and even cooler in our more northern areas, such as Hernando and Citrus.

“Considering how warm it’s been, it will feel a lot more dramatic than, say, 65 degrees after highs in the 70s,” Merianos said.

Temperatures won’t increase much Saturday, staying in the upper 60s. But there will be more sunshine, so it won’t feel as cold in the sunlight.

Don’t get used to it, though: The cooler weather won’t last long. By Sunday afternoon, highs will be back in the mid 70s.

“It will be very short-lived,” Merianos said. “Friday going into Saturday.”