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Need a break from, well, everything? Enjoy ‘gorgeous’ cool weather

A sudden blast of cool weather is a good time to take a break from a sweaty May and everything else you’re dealing with.

There is an unscientific term Spectrum Bay News 9 meteorologist Brian McClure uses to describe the unusual weather phenomenon the Tampa Bay region will experience Thursday and Friday:

“Gorgeous,” he said. “About as gorgeous as it gets this time of year.”

That’s because the highs will be in the upper 70s on Thursday afternoon. It’ll be a good time to take a walk outside and get away from whatever pandemic-related stress or anything else you’re dealing with these days.

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Thursday should start with cool morning temperatures in the 50s to 60s. That evening, the forecast calls for temps to dip all the way down to the upper 40s to mid 50s through Friday morning.

Friday afternoon will see temperatures slightly warm into the low 80s, and the same on Saturday.

The only blip this weekend is a 60 percent chance of rain come Sunday ⁠— Mother’s Day.

May’s high usually reach the mid to upper 80s in the region. This unusually cool May weather is the result of the jet stream aligning from the northwest to the southeast, McClure said, which is sending cold weather down across the eastern U.S.

Some big storms over the Great Lakes are also pulling cool air away from Canada and sending it down south to Florida.

“We’re not alone,” McClure said of Florida’s unusually cool weather, noting that the North Carolina mountains recently experienced snow.

“Pretty much the entire eastern half of the country will have low temperatures from the Great Lakes to the Northeastern U.S. to the Mid-Atlantic”