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This week: Dry, cool, ‘boring’ weather in store for Tampa Bay

Temperatures will hover between the 60s and 50s. Mid-week could see a drop into the 40s. Nothing to sweat over.

Tampa Bay’s weather will be perfectly boring this week, said National Weather Service meteorologist Keily Delerme.

After a chilly Sunday, temperatures will warm up to just below-average for this time of year, Delerme said. Highs will remain in the 60s each day.

A small cold front may drop overnight temps into the mid-to-upper 40s on Tuesday and Wednesday — but no colder than that.

The average high for Tampa in January is 70, which is also Spectrum Bay News 9′s projected high for Monday. After that, our region will have a high of 69 on Tuesday and 66 on Wednesday. The high is projected to be 64 on Thursday, 65 on Friday and 61 on Saturday.

The lows for the week, according to Bay News 9, will be 59 on Monday, 53 on Tuesday and 54 on Wednesday. Tampa Bay will close out the week with lows of 50 on Thursday and 51 on Saturday.

As for rain, there won’t be a ton of it. Even with a small front coming in Tuesday, it will bring only a 10 percent chance of rain — something that’s common in a La Niña winter, which we’re still in.

Delerme said some areas in southern Tampa Bay could see rain on Wednesday, but beyond that, our region is in for a cool, dry week.