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Hold on, Tampa Bay. Refuge from the heat is on its way.

It’ll be hot for a few days. But cool reinforcements are on the way — and maybe a little rain.
Sunday's seven-day forecast for Tampa Bay from Spectrum's Klystron 9 radar.
Sunday's seven-day forecast for Tampa Bay from Spectrum's Klystron 9 radar. [ Spectrum Bay News 9 ]
Published Mar. 28
Updated Mar. 28

The heat was brutal on Tampa Bay this past week but it won’t last much longer. A cold front will roll in midweek and cool things off.

A smaller front will bring cloudy skies on Monday, but don’t expect things to cool down until a second, stronger wave passes through on Thursday. Until then, temperatures will stay warm and muggy through Wednesday, with a small chance of scattered showers.

On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, the highs will be around 85 degrees and the lows around 70 degrees, with a 10 percent chance of rain each day that spikes up to 20 percent on Tuesday, according to the National Weather Service.

“In a nutshell, there will be little perceivable difference in our weather through Tuesday,” said Dan Sobien, senior forecaster with the National Weather Service’s Ruskin office. “It will be quite warm and moisture will continue to slowly increase each day.”

But then a cold front will move into the region overnight Wednesday, according to a forecast from Spectrum Bay News 9. The highs for Thursday are likely to stay in the mid to low 70s, forecasters say, and low temperatures could drop to a chilly 52 degrees.

Forecasts for Thursday also show a slightly higher chance of rain at 30 percent, with scattered showers more likely earlier in the day.

And come Friday morning, Bay area residents will need to bundle up for the weekend ahead. That’s when meteorologists believe Tampa Bay will wake up to temperatures in the 40s and 50s, with the day’s high only climbing to a cool 70 degrees.

The cool weather will likely be welcomed by those in Tampa Bay, who have endured record-breaking heat since Thursday, with temperatures reaching as high as 95 in Plant City and other parts of inland Hillsborough County.

March hasn’t been as cool as years past. Tampa set a heat record when it hit 90 degrees at Tampa International Airport on Saturday, setting a new daily record for March 27.

It’s rare for Tampa to reach 90 degrees this year in the early, according to the National Weather Service. The last time that happened was more than 76 years ago, when Tampa reached 90 degrees on March 16, 1945.