Welcome to McCartney Month on Soundcheck!

Published June 30, 2017

The first time Paul McCartney came to Tampa, on April 12, 1990, It's fair to say the city was pretty excited.

How excited? The week before, the Tampa Tribune published an eight-page commemorative section previewing the show at Tampa Stadium. Then they published another eight-page commemorative section the day after the concert.

Twenty-seven years later, with McCartney coming back to Tampa on July 10 at Amalie Arena, we're not going quite that far. But we are going all-out in celebration of the once and forever Cute Beatle's historic return. That's why, in the spirit of 2015's 10 Days of Taylor and 2016's Beyonce Week, we bring you...

McCartney Month!

Each morning from Saturday through the show on July 10, we'll be examining McCartney through an array of different lenses, looking back at his three previous stops in Tampa, examining his connections to Florida and sharing stories from people who know him. We'll sift through old albums, listen to some music together, and even talk a bit about Ringo. And if you're going to his sold-out show in Tampa, we'll have as much info about that as you could possibly want.

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As you say goodbye to June, we say hello — hello, hello! — to McCartney Month on Soundcheck. Step right up and check back tomorrow as our Magical Mystery Tour begins!

-- Jay Cridlin