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What are the odds Moody Blues would record tune about being blue?

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Published Aug. 3, 2017

We've featured several songs with the title Cool World on Lost and Found and today we explore a new world - one that is blue. It's not a Blue Monday, but it's all blue today as we feature the Moody Blues and their single Blue World.

In 1981, the Moody Blues comeback was complete as their album Long Distance Voyager hit No. 1 on the album charts and launched the singles Gemini Dream and The Voice. In 1983, their follow up album The Present wasn't as successful as it didn't even reach gold status on album sales. The second single released in the U.S. off The Present album was Blue World, that only made it to No. 62 on the Billboard Top 100.

Blue World is sort of a sequel to The Voice as it references "the voice" in second verse of the lyrics. The video for Blue World paints an Utopian society trying to spread peace in the current troubled world. While the song is an excellent hidden nugget of the Moody Blues catalog, I don't claim to understand the significance of the "X" artifact that is the story line in the Blue World video.

The Moody Blues dip in sales in 1983 was temporary as in 1986 they rebounded with the platinum album The Other Side Of Life featuring the single Your Wildest Dreams. Even though they been releasing music since 1965, Justin Hayward and the Moody Blues are still out there touring every year even though they are in their seventies.