What's the story behind ... Alan Parsons' Eye in the Sky

Published Aug. 21, 2016

The biggest hit in the U.S. by The Alan Parsons Project almost never was released at all. The song Eye in the Sky was a top 10 hit in 1982 so why the near omission?

According to, Alan Parsons didn't think much of the song and had to be talked into including it on their upcoming album. He reportedly also made a bet with his guitarist that Eye in the Sky would never be a hit. (It would reach No. 3 on the Billboard 100 chart in October 1982.)

As for the song's meaning, there are several theories. One is that the idea of an "eye in the sky" is borrowed from the George Orwell book 1984. However, aside from the song's title, there's seemingly little else in the song to support that theory. The lyrics instead describe the bitterness following the end of a relationship.

In one interview, Parsons said the song's title came from its vocalist and co-writer Eric Woolfson, who spent a lot of time in Las Vegas about that time.

"He had a certain fascination with the hidden cameras that were there watching the tables, taping the games and what have you," Parsons told the interviewer. "It was more than just the hidden cameras. It was also kind of 1984 syndrome. It covers the fact we can never be left to our own devices; we will always be watched."