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Will Packer tweets on 'Straight Outta Compton' blackout at Sundial

Straight Outta Compton executive producer and St. Petersburg native Will Packer tweeted Sunday in response to a Times report after the movie wasn't booked in his hometown's only multiplex.

Among Packer's remarks was a hope that Carmike Cinemas, which operates Sundial 19, will "rethink" that decision.

The Universal Pictures biopic of rap pioneers N.W.A. finished No. 1 at the box office with $60.2 million. The movie is showing at theaters in every corner of Tampa Bay except Sundial 19, located in a gentrified shopping district that was formerly a troublesome hangout area.

You can read the Times report here.

Packer, 41, commented on the matter with a series of seven tweets, compiled here for a statement:

"Carmike has always been a great corporate partner for my films," Packer began. "While I'm disappointed in the decision to not show SOC at the Sundial I'm emboldened by all the other theaters that have wholeheartedly embraced showing the film, and have benefited from the amazing opening weekend box office.

"I'm hopeful the Sundial will rethink the decision in future weeks.

"More importantly, THANK YOU to all the Tampa Bay area filmgoers who supported and helped take another film I'm associated with to number one at the box office! THANK YOU!!!"

Packer is a 1991 graduate of St. Petersburg High School, now one of Hollywood's most successful producers with a string of box office chart toppers including Ride Along, Think LIke a Man and About Last Night, each starring comedian Kevin Hart.