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Winner and loser of the week: Barb gets redemption; Chris Brown has another bad week

Barb. Everyone's favorite Stranger Things character finally got some redemption after, spoiler: She got left for dead in the "Upside Down." A lot of fans identified with Barb, the not-so-cool girl with the granny glasses and '80s librarian-hipster wardrobe. "We are all Barb," the Internet declared. Our beloved Barb got to let off some steam on Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Show in a hilarious bit where she calls out the rest of the cast members for leaving her behind. Fallon stepped in as Steve and Tonight Show writer A.D. Miles played a furious, F-bomb dropping Barb. "Let's review shall we: There were two people down there, and you rescued one of them," Miles as Barb screamed, showing two fingers, then only leaving the middle finger up. In other Stranger Things news, the Netflix original just got picked up for a second season. So we're all winners. Except Barb.
Chris Brown. Is it possible to be surprised by anything the 27-year-old singer does these days? The music industry's resident bad boy is now out of jail after posting $250,000 bail after being arrested Tuesday on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. Baylee Curran, the dethroned Miss California Regional, told police Brown threatened her with a gun after she was admiring jewelry at his house. Curran says she fled after refusing to sign a nondisclosure agreement. But Brown's reps and friend Ray J say the story is completely fabricated. It doesn't help that Curran ran straight to TMZ for an interview - odd behavior for someone who just threatened with a gun. We're hoping more unravels from this he-said she-said. Regardless, if Brown is found guilty he could face some serious prison time. Not your best week, Brown.