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Jameis Winston doesn't mind 'gunslinger' label

Jameis Winston is often called a gunslinger, which conjures images of a strong arm and quick trigger but also deadly mistakes.

Guess what? The Bucs quarterback actually likes the description.

"I mean, I like it. It's a good thing,'' Winston said. "I like throwing the football and making big plays. I'm very aggressive.''

Winston threw 25 touchdowns and 18 interceptions last season. But as a freshman, he had 40 TD passes and only 10 picks.

But Winston insists there are a lot of reasons a pass play may result in an interception and he's more focused on learning from those mistakes and not repeating them.

"That's why the early years, it's about decision making,'' Winston said. "One thing (Florida State) coach Jimbo Fisher always says, "make the right the decisions and know why you made the decision.' If I know my whys and I make a mistake, I know I won't make that same mistake again.''

Winston struggled early in training camp, especially the first day in pads during a blitz period when was intercepted three times in his first five attempts. But he has made steady improvement since then and seems to have a handle on the Bucs' offense heading into Saturday's preseason game at Minnesota.

"When people talk about interceptions, it's a lot of things that come with interceptions,'' Winston said. "Anything can cause an interception. But at the end of the day, the stat sheet is going to say the quarterback has the interception. My objective is not to focus on interceptions at all. My objective is to play football the best I possibly can and move the ball up and down the field.''