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Winston said he 'just had to light some fire' under Seminoles

Jameis Winston's halftime rant during Florida State's comeback win over Ole Miss Monday has gone viral. But the Bucs and former Seminoles quarterback said he knew players needed to hear some straight talk.

"I just didn't want those kids to be looking like that on national TV,'' Winston said. "Coach Fisher, he's a great coach and I knew they had it in them. Just had to light some fire. Tell you about that No. 12 (quarterback Deondre Francois) for Florida State, baby. He's a baller.''

Winston said Seminoles coach Jimbo Fisher, despite losing his voice, lit into players pretty well. But Winston appiled more pressure on the defense.

"I couldn't even give you a summary of what I said because it's truly from the heart. I love those guys in there,'' Winston said. "I know how hard coach Fisher worked to prepare those guys. It was fun, it was great to see those guys get a win.''

Winston said he didn't plan to address the team when he went into the locker room at halftime Monday.

"That's what I felt was needed,'' Winston said. "I tried to be quiet when I got there but I really felt we needed that. I don't think they needed it. I knew coach Fisher was going to get in their tail and he could barely talk, but he still was getting on them. I just felt like I needed to say that. But again, 12 just led that comeback man and the defense looked good.''