Michelle Stark - Times Food and Lifestyle Editor

Times Food and Lifestyle Editor

My reputation is Lady With Snacks in Her Purse at All Times. I’m constantly thinking about my next meal, sometimes while eating my current meal. So it’s fitting that I became the Tampa Bay Times food editor in 2015, taking on the role of sharing culinary joy with you through recipes and stories about our community. I cook almost daily, mostly simple dinners and lots of carbs (I’ve mastered homemade pizza dough) - all of it from scratch. I grew up in Florida, graduating from the University of South Florida in 2010 and joining the Times that same year. I own far too many pairs of boots for someone who has never lived in a state with seasons.

  1. Olive oil cake with nectarines.
    Need something for a potluck? Entertaining at home? This cake is simple and decadent.
  2. Some dishes that will be served at Nathan Hardin's pop-up dinner on Sept. 19.
    Toast on the Town hosts the event in a historic Tampa Heights space.
  3. Guess eat and drink coffee at Bandit Coffee in St. Petersburg.
    The specialty coffee shop is expanding its reach with food, drinks and monthly events.
  4. Project Coffee in Sarasota.
    The cafe is entirely plant-based and focused on sustainability.
  5. A latte at Bandit Coffee Co. in St. Petersburg.
    We talked to some local spots about the distinct shift.
  6. Customers sit at the bar, which serves coffee and also beer and wine, at King State in Tampa.
    Nate Young and Tim McTague have opened a cafe on E Floribraska Avenue.
  7. Sparkman Wharf is one of three food halls in Tampa.
    The annual list includes 50 nominees, and once again there are none from the Sunshine State.
  8. Brothers Duane and David Hogg, of Hogg Batch Coffee.
    Two brothers from St. Petersburg have started a small coffee company.
  9. Chocolate chunk sea salt biscotti.
    The Italian treat is crunchy yet chewy, with chocolate and almond flavors.
  10. Marinated zucchini
    You’ll hardly recognize the vegetable.