Stephanie Hayes, Deputy Editor, Features

Stephanie Hayes

Deputy Editor, Features

When I say I’ve had almost every gig at the Tampa Bay Times, I mean it. I left my job at a mall CD store many moons ago to work here, stocking the bathroom with Lysol and distributing faxes. These days, I’m Deputy Editor, Features, overseeing arts, entertainment and culture coverage for the Times. I’ve covered everything from local governments to higher education to nightlife, originated the Epilogue obituary feature and was performing arts critic. My passion is the creative side of life, and how arts and culture inform humanity. I’m co-host of the Times’ Life of the Party podcast, a stepmom, fledgling novelist, amateur makeup artist and avid hoster of shindigs with too much food. Find me in Dunedin, coolest town in Florida.

Podcast: ASMR videos and new music you should be listening to

Zoe Kravitz in an ASMR inspired commercial for Michelob Ultra. Michelob.
Jay Cridlin joins the podcast to talk about four artists who are sure to blow up this year, including Maggie Rogers, Lizzo, Jade Bird and Billie Eilish.

Life of the Party podcast: How do you make friends as an adult?

Kameel Stanley. Photo by Brittany Volk.
Our guest this week went from knowing no one to organizing a popular brunch for women of color in her town. Plus, we discuss celebrity tattoo fails, from Adam Levine to Ariana Grande.

Life of the Party podcast: Halftime shows, Alanis Morissette's Broadway musical and Girl Scout Cookie trivia

A vintage Girl Scout Cookie box. Times files.
Did you know the Big Game entertainment use to be pretty weird? A history. Plus, Alanis Morissette goes Broadway and Rent Live wasn't really live.

Life of the Party Podcast: Drunk pirates, beads and the history of Gasparilla

LOREN ELLIOTT  | TimesA member of Ye Mystic Krewe of Gasparilla hands out beads during the Gasparilla Pirate Festival parade along Bayshore Boulevard in Tampa, Fla., on Saturday, Jan. 30, 2016.
The PartyCast explores Tampa’s biggest party. Plus, we review celebrity #10yearchallenge pics and Fyre Festival documentaries.

Life of the Party podcast: Spark joy with Marie Kondo

For the past four years or so, Kondo, a professional organizer from Japan, has been on the march. (Denise Crew/Netflix/TNS) 1263043
Does she really want us to burn all our books? How are her folds so small? We explore.