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Yes, Jameis Winston's favorite team is ... the Eagles

It seemed like a simple question for Bucs quarterback Jameis Winston, who was asked Tuesday if there were any games that jumped out to him when he first saw Tampa Bay's schedule for the upcoming season.

"I know y'all are going to think I'm crazy, but when I first saw the schedule, I just saw the Eagles and I got instantly just excited about that, because that's my favorite team," Winston said.

If you remember, Winston said last November that he grew up a huge fan of Eagles quarterback Randall Cunningham -- we tracked down Cunningham and he's a big Winston fan as well. Winston got to play the Eagles last year as a rookie, throwing for five touchdowns and 246 yards in a 45-17 rout that might have been the high mark of the 2015 season.

"I'm definitely excited to play against those Eagles," Winston said. "I'm sorry: Fly, Eagles, Fly. I love those Eagles."

You'd somewhat expect an NFL player's favorite team to be, well, the team he plays for, but points to Winston for being authentic and staying a fan of the team he grew up cheering for. The Bucs go to Philadelphia for their preseason opener, so Winston might not be on the field too long for the Aug. 11 game.