Your boyfriend probably wants you to wash your hair more often

Make hair washing more enjoyable by getting a young Robert Redford to do it for you.
Make hair washing more enjoyable by getting a young Robert Redford to do it for you.
Published Feb. 22, 2017

How often do you wash your hair?

It's confusing, right? One minute, the pros are telling you to barely ever wash it, to let your natural oils do the work because all that shampooing can be drying. The next, as in, this moment, they're saying, wash more!

The New York Times reports that the people who love women and have to smell them are begging stylists to advocate for more washing, because, well, you stink. A couple days is fine. Ten days of not washing, studded with frequent workouts and a spritz of dry shampoo is not delightful. (This story is from January, but just sailed into my FB feed this morning, so you're getting it now.)

I am with Camp 2. Dry shampoo doesn't do much for me. I can go two days, three at most before feeling like Dan Aykroyd in Trading Places.

A couple of problems with this piece, though.

A) It's pretty much about white women. And B) The story describes weekly the habits of these women thusly:

"Instead of regularly lathering up at home, a weekly routine might now go like this: a blowout at a blow-dry bar, dry shampoo, dry shampoo, dry shampoo, followed by another professional styling session, and so on."

A blowout AND a professional styling session once a week!?! The last time I had a blowout at a blow dry bar was thirteen months ago, for a friend's wedding, and it was such a treat to myself that I felt like a queen wearing fine leather goods. Most of us wash and dry our hair at home, in the tub that's covered in children's bath toys and loofahs from Walgreens.