Life of the Party podcast: How to overcome imposter syndrome

Tampa attorney Erica DiAngelo. Courtesy of Erica DiAngelo.
Tampa attorney Erica DiAngelo. Courtesy of Erica DiAngelo.
Published June 1, 2019

Imposter syndrome. We have it at work. We have it in the gym. We have it walking into a cool restaurant or a clothing store we may have aged out of.

But no one is alone. On this week's Life of the Party podcast, we welcome Tampa attorney Erica DiAngelo of DiAngelo Law.

She talked about defeating self doubt and starting her own practice as a young woman in a heavily male field, using social media to reach millennial business owners and why we won't see her on a highway billboard anytime soon.

Plus: It's throwback pop culture hour. Whitney Houston could be back among us as a hologram and the Spice Girls bus is now an AirBnB.

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