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Yes, people, you can get Publix subs delivered to your door

The rumors are true.

You can have Publix's famous subs delivered right to your door.

You could've last year, too.

And the year before that.

And the year before that.

You get it.

The deliverability of Pub subs went viral this week for reasons that aren't quite clear. News sites all over the state proclaimed the information as if it were breaking news.

Publix debuts 'pub sub' delivery

Publix will deliver your favorite Pub Sub to your door

Bless up, Publix is now offering Pub sub delivery

Publix will now deliver your favorite Pub sub to your door

Publix now delivers Pub subs right to your door through Instacart service

Publix will now deliver Pub subs to your door

Altogether, we found more than a dozen news outlets mentioning the delivery service as a new feature.

The thing is, Publix subs have actually been deliverable since the supermarket started using Instacart for grocery delivery about 4 or 5 years ago, Publix spokesman Brian West said. Everything in the store is.

"It's true that it's available, but it's not true that it's anything new," said West, who added that no one called him recently to ask about sub delivery. "I think somebody just realized it. That's all."

In other news, did you hear you can now ride roller coasters in Florida?

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