Publix rolls out limited edition subs for football season

Cheer on the Bucs with a special sandwich.
Publix's Tampa Bay Buccaneers sub is available for a limited time.
Publix's Tampa Bay Buccaneers sub is available for a limited time. [ Courtesy of Publix ]
Published Sept. 19, 2023

Football season is here, so it’s time to plan your game-day snacks.

Luckily, Publix worked with corporate chefs to create some Pub Subs themed for NFL teams, representing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Jacksonville Jaguars, Atlanta Falcons and Miami Dolphins.

Obviously we care about the Bucs sub the most, featuring chicken tenders with bacon and cheese, topped with “spicy gold sauce” — probably like a mustard barbecue sauce and definitely a pirate reference.

But the season’s just begun and we can root for the other teams’ subs too.

The Jaguars sub is inspired by barbecue — chicken tenders are topped with coleslaw and barbecue mayo.

With chicken and waffles in mind, on the Falcons sub tenders get sweet maple seasoning, bacon and peach preserves — because, Atlanta — then dressed with sriracha mayonnaise.

The Dolphins get a Cuban with ham, pulled pork and swiss (no salami, that is Tampa’s style). That’s updated with a lemon garlic aioli and crispy jalapenos.

These subs are available for a limited time. Check your store’s participation and get more information at